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All Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee members have the following responsibilities:

• To be committed to the welfare of animal subjects in research and instruction.

• To prepare prior to the meeting, by reading thoroughly and evaluating the assigned protocols based on the principles and guidelines for the ethical care and use of animals as described in the federal regulations and UCSF policies.

• To determine which applications, if any, require more than annual consideration, and to determine which projects, if any, require verification of any facts from sources other than the investigator.

• To participate in scheduled site inspections twice a year.

• To approve, to establish any conditions to protect animal subjects necessary for approval, or to disapprove research activities reviewed by the IACUC, with full explanation to applicants.

• To undertake any special projects necessary to assure that the Committee's decisions are as fully informed as possible.

• To request aid of non-voting consultants, if necessary.

• To respect the confidentiality of review materials and member discussions.

• To provide advice and counsel to research groups, departments and individual investigators.

• To review material regarding protection of animal subjects before it is distributed to campus faculty and administrative offices.

• To help implement governmental and University policy regarding animal research.

• To serve for the full two-year term, unless extenuating circumstances prevent this.

Worksheets for Review

IACUC Committee Review Worksheet
LARC Review Worksheet
IACUC Administrative Review Worksheet

Site Inspection Forms for IACUC Members

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee is charged with inspecting all of the University's animal facilities, including satellite facilities, at least once every six months. Each site inspection team is composed of several IACUC members and one veterinarian from UCSF's LARC (Laboratory Animal Resource Center).

The National Research Council's Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals is used as a basis for evaluation, and the forms listed below have been developed to provide specific guidelines and checklists for these site inspections.

AUA Inspection Checklist & Description of Terms
• IACUC Site Inspection Form - LARC Space
IACUC Site Inspection Form - PI Space
IACUC Site Inspection - Aseptic Surgery
IACUC Site Inspection - Cagewash
IACUC Site Inspection - NIH Cage Space Recommendations
Inspection Record
Surgery Facilities Inspection Report
Veterinary Medical Records Audit .doc format | .pdf format

If you experience any problems opening these files please call 476-2197 or email the developer.