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IACUC Protocol Applications are submitted online via RIO (Research Information Online)

  • New Projects
  • Annual Renewal
  • Modifications
Principal Investigator's Certification
Submit one copy with the IACUC Full Committee. Send to Box 0547; or email to; or fax 502-7991; or upload in RIO.
Scientific Merit Review Form
To document approval of scientific merit by your Departmental Review Committee; submit the signed form with the IACUC Full Committee application. Send to Box 0547; or email to; or fax 502-7991; or upload in RIO.
Other Forms Related to Application
Animal Involvement in the Laboratory Animal Resource Center

Private Vehicle Transportation Logbook Form (excel file)

IACUC Request to Use Expired Medical Materials or Devices in Acute Terminal Procedures in Animals Used in Research or Instruction Form.
Laboratory Housing Daily Check-off Sheet
Reporting Forms - For Faculty, Staff, IACUC, & LARC
Animal Care and Use Concern Reporting Form
To report any concerns regarding animal care or use at UCSF.
Anesthesia Documentation/ Post-Procedure Forms

Rodent Surgery and Anesthesia Record Template One | Template Two

Rodent Anesthesia Record Word Format

Non-Rodent Mammal Anesthesia Record .excel format | .pdf format


Post-Procedure Care Record (pdf)

Small Animal Operative and Post-Operative Care Form .doc format | .pdf format

Facility Access