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Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Research
Species-Specific Information & Drug Formulary
Standard Procedures & Guidelines
Policies & Regulations
Animal Care & Use Program
How to Apply to the IACUC
Frequently Asked Questions
Report an Animal Welfare Concern
Animal Research & Care
Laboratory Animal Resource Center(LARC)
Training Program
Working Safely with Animals



All personnel conducting procedures on live animals must be appropriately trained and qualified in those procedures.

  • Basic Regulatory and Ethical Requirements (BRER) must be completed every 3 years. Sign up online.
    • BRER I is required for all personnel on a protocol.
    • BRER II is required for all personnel working with anesthetic agents and/or performing surgery or post-surgical care.
  • Species-specific training is also required for all personnel who will be in direct contact with animals. All new animal users with less than one year of experience with their specific species must attend an IACUC course on working with that species. A basic course is offered for rats and mice. For more information, refer to: IACUC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS.
  • Rodent Euthanasia Training - As of May 2009, all rodent users must complete hands-on euthanasia training.  Registration is available online. [Note: New users signed up for a basic class do not need to register for this course.  This training will now be provided as part of the basic class curriculum.]

If you have questions or require assistance, please call the IACUC Office at 476-2197.


III. Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC)

Purchasing Animals

  • To purchase or acquire animals from another institution, refer to LARC Animal Acquisition Procedures for information about purchasing animals or call the LARC Purchasing Office at 476-2204.

Facility Access

IV. Environmental Health and Safety

New P.I.’s who will use radioisotopes, controlled substances, biological material, or human tissue in animals must apply to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEH&S) for authorization. For information on how to apply, contact your Department Safety Advisor.

To add a new animal user to an existing OEH&S authorization, complete the appropriate form, available on the OEH&S web site forms page.

Please call 476-1300 if you require assistance.

V. Contracts and Grants

For information about contracts, grants, transfer and release of funding, call the Contracts and Grants Office at 476-2977.


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