AAALAC Site Visit dates: October 15 – 18, 2018

AAALAC International is an organization that enhances life sciences by promoting the responsible treatment of animals used in research, teaching and testing through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. This fall, AAALAC, site visitors will spend a week at UCSF reviewing records and visiting all animal care and use locations. They focus on our successes in maintaining  animal health and welfare as well as our success in keeping researchers and caregivers who work with the animals safe and healthy. 

For more information on AAALAC, please visit the AAALAC website here: 

In preparation for this site visit, IACUC, LARC and EHS are convening Town Hall Meetings to update you on the issues AAALC will cover And Vice-Chancellor Crisswell requests that every lab group do a thorough self-assessment prior to the site visit.

Laboratory Self-Assessment Checklist:

  • Complete this self-evaluation checklist for each of your respective laboratories. 
  • Use the completed checklist to identify any gaps in lab processes and practices that you may have.
  • Share the results with all of your lab members and discuss how any deficiencies will be corrected.


Town Hall Meetings are MANDATORY for all UCSF staff, students and faculty who work with animals.


There will be separate sessions for Fish/Frog users

Please bring your Smart Phone or Laptop to participate in on-line polling

Town Hall Power Point: EnglishJapaneseChinese

Town Hall Quiz

Town Hall Dates and Locations

Mission Bay/SFGH: 

NEW: September 19, 2018 --  Genentech Hall 106 – 3:00 PM

Parnassus Campus:

NEW: September 20, 2018 -- Cole Hall – 2:00 PM