AAALAC Site Visit dates: October 15 – 18, 2018

AAALAC International is an organization that enhances life sciences by promoting the responsible treatment of animals used in research, teaching and testing through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. This fall, AAALAC, site visitors will spend a week at UCSF reviewing records and visiting all animal care and use locations. They focus on our successes in maintaining  animal health and welfare as well as our success in keeping researchers and caregivers who work with the animals safe and healthy. 

For more information on AAALAC, please visit the AAALAC website here: 

Update 10/19/2018: AAALAC Site Visitors ended their 4-day accreditation assessment with a public Exit Briefing in Cole Hall on October 18. They praised many aspects of the UCSF animal care and use program. They offered some suggestions to further improve animal health and welfare, human health and safety. At this stage of the review, UCSF has no Mandatory items for correction that would impede continued full accreditation. AAALAC’s official decision is expected in January 2019

Thank you to all labs that participated in the AAALAC Site Visit!