AAALAC Site Visit 2021:

Continued Full Accreditation


With great appreciation to researchers, IACUC members, veterinarians, EH&S and IACUC specialists, we announce that AAALAC has finalized their review of UCSF’s animal care and use program and granted Continued Full Accreditation.


This is what they said in informing us of our continued accreditation:


The Council commends you and the staff for providing and maintaining an excellent program of laboratory animal care and use. Especially noteworthy were the well written and thorough Program Description; the outstanding institutional support for the animal research program, evidenced in part by well maintained, aged facilities, the addition of new facilities, the consistency of the program across geographically decentralized components, and your engagement in the program; the forward thinking plan to convert housing at one of your locations to individually ventilated caging; the very knowledgeable and engaged Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; the comprehensive environmental, health and safety and occupational, health and safety programs for animal users who track the use of hazardous materials in animals; the appearance of healthy, well cared for animals; the generally excellent environmental enrichment program; the dedicated and knowledgeable veterinarians, veterinary care staff and animal care staff; the dedicated facilities personnel who were actively engaged in advancing the program; the support for the staff recognition program and financial incentive for certification; the excellent animal health records, including records for rodent surgery and analgesic administration; the comprehensive training program; the computer programs for tracking animal health cases; and the excellent animal cage signage in all facilities. The Council is pleased to inform you that the program conforms with AAALAC International standards as set forth by the Guidefor the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, NRC 2011. Therefore, FULL ACCREDITATION  shall continue.


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