FAQs: Prior to Submission

What does it mean to categorize animals as C, D, or E? How do I know which category my experimental animals fall into?

The animal numbers section of the IACUC protocol application will ask you to categorize your animals as C, D, or E. These categories help the IACUC determine whether the benefit of the study outweighs the costs of potential pain or distress to experimental animals.


When reviewing your protocol, our IACUC will follow the USDA’s definition of a painful procedure: any procedure that would cause more than momentary pain or distress in a person.


The Pain & Distress Category Factsheet provides detailed guidance by procedure type.  


If you have any questions about which category your animals should be placed into, please contact the IACUC office ([email protected])

Is there a way to see what strains of mice other labs at UCSF are using?


Contact [email protected] or search the UCSF Mouse Inventory Database: https://mousedatabase.ucsf.edu/about.jsp (UCSF network access required).