The IACUC strongly encourages faculty to participate in tissue sharing. This program can help the University reduce the number of animals used in research as well as provide tissue at no cost to participating investigators.

The Tissue Sharing Program allows investigators to collect fresh tissue from other researchers without euthanizing additional animals. The IACUC office maintains a database system that can be access through RIO to generate a listing of available tissue. The database includes information such as species, strain, age, weight, and method of euthanasia.

Tissue Donors:
Investigators who must euthanize their animals for experimental requirements are encouraged to participate in this program by donating post-mortem tissue whenever possible. This is accomplished by completing Section P. Tissue Sharing / Live Animal Disposition of the IACUC Application in RIO. Investigators may later be contacted by IACUC staff or directly by other UCSF researchers regarding the availability of tissues.

Tissue  Recipients:
Researchers wishing to receive tissue may view available donor listings through the RIO system.  Principal Investigators or Alternate Responsible individuals may log onto RIO, click the IACUC tab and under Collaboration Tools click on “Tissue Sharing”.  Information is available for individual labs for direct contact.

Alternatively, researchers wishing to donate or receive tissue may contact other users via the Mouser's Listserv. To join the listserv, please send an email with "subscribe UCSF-Mousers" in the body of the email to [email protected].

If you have questions, please contact the IACUC office at [email protected]