For COVID-19 related research and protocol submissions, email [email protected]
IACUC Office Hours: In-person Office Hours are suspended until further notice. IACUP analysts are available via Zoom Video Conference. If you would like to schedule a meeting, contact [email protected]
All Hands-On Trainings (Mouse/Rat Basic, Special Procedures, Surgery): All trainings are now SUSPENDED until further notice. Registrants will be contacted directly by email. Questions regarding future Trainings/Observations should be directed to [email protected]

Mission and Vision

UCSF – Institutional Animal Care Use Committee is “Advancing Health Worldwide” by promoting humane care and use of animal subjects in research.

The IACUC oversees all UCSF research and instruction that involves vertebrate animals, in order to ensure that the highest ethical and animal welfare standards are met through all applicable federal, state, and University laws and regulations.


OLAW Assurance

Assurance Number: #D16-00253 (A3400-01)

Expires: 2/28/2023


USDA Registration

Customer Number #9199

Registration #93-R-0440

Expires: 09/15/2020



AAALAC Accreditation

Accreditation #001084

Effective Date: June 14, 2004

Updated Accreditation: March 26, 2019


California Department of
Fish & Wildlife

Permit # 1736

Expiration Date: 3/5/2021