Step 4: Animal Facility Access

In-Person Facility Orientation for Rodent Users:

In-person orientation is required in order to receive access to a specific rodent barrier facility.

The facility orientation will introduce entry/exit procedures and describe how to work with rodents in the housing and procedure rooms.

  1. The MHS Questionnaire, BRER I, BRER II (anesthesia or surgery users), BRER III (anyone listed on a rodent survival surgery protocol, regardless of role) and applicable Hands-on Species Specific Training must be completed prior to the facilities orientation.
  2. An Animal Facility Access Form is needed to activate a proxy badge for facility access.
  3. Attend facility orientation at the site(s) where access is needed for animal use:
    PSB Facility Orientation (offered weekly): register at UC Learning Center
    All other rodent facilities: email LARC Supervisors and LARC Managers indicating which facility you will use
    Non-rodent species: email LARC Vet Team
  4. Email completed Animal Facility Access Form to [email protected]