Step 2: Online Training

All on-line courses are available in the UC Learning Center.

BRER trainings: The links below will only work after you log in to UC Learning Center ( Log in with your UCSF MyAccess username and password. You can also find the specific eCourse by typing keywords in the learning search box (i.e. BRER I). When you find the correct course select the "START" button to launch the training.

BRER I Required for all personnel on the protocol including PI and contacts, regardless of species used

BRER II Required for all animal users with Anesthesia, Surgery, Post Surgery role

BRER III Required for all personnel if listed on a protocol that includes rodent survival surgery  

BRER I Test-out and BRER II Test-out options are available if full course passed previously. 

IACUC Mouse Cage Density Policy Training Required for all users listed on the approved protocol with the Breeding role.