For a good overview of occupational health for animal users, read: Working Safely with Animals.

Step 1: Occupational Health Screening

Complete the (MHS) Medical Health Screening Questionnaire

 All animal users for all species are required to complete the MHS Questionnaire (annual participation).

MHS Questionnaire Instructions:

  • Login with MyAccess and click "I accept" to continue onto the survey.
  • For Off-site/Outside of the UCSF Network: Refer to the VPN instructions for access.  To secure private health information, access can only be from a UCSF campus based computer or through VPN.  For questions contact [email protected]

Occupational Health Training Requirements for USDA Covered Species:

  • All USDA Species users must complete:

           Contact [email protected] to complete any health screenings and clearances

Species Specific Training (In-Person): Contact [email protected].

  • Old-World Primate (Macaque) users must also complete:

Herpes B Training (Online tutorial): Access in the UC Learning Center    
Herpes B Orientation (In-Person): Contact [email protected].

  • Sheep users must also complete:

Q Fever Training (Online tutorial): Access in the UC Learning Center