Rodent Anesthesia and Surgical Principles Training

REQUIRED PREREQUISITES: IACUC Mouse or Rat Basic Handling or Euthanasia Class before IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles and IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles before IACUC Rodent Basic Surgical Principles Class

IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles: In-person (AM) interactive class that includes information on anesthesia, analgesia and post-operative care.

IACUC Rodent Basic Surgical Principles: A two-day (AM) in-person interactive course that includes information on aseptic technique, surgical skills and osmotic pump placement.

IACUC Rodent Isoflurane Machine (Online): Introduction to the operating and use of an isoflurane machine including safety and maintenance.

See informational flyer hereRodent Anesthesia and Surgical Principles Training