Rodent Anesthesia/Surgery Training

REQUIRED PREREQUISITES: IACUC Mouse or Rat Basic Handling or Euthanasia Class before IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles and IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles before IACUC Rodent Basic Surgical Principles Class

IACUC Rodent Anesthesia Principles In-person (AM) interactive class that includes information on anesthesia, analgesia and post-operative care.

IACUC Rodent Basic Surgical Principles A two-day (AM) in-person interactive course that includes information on aseptic technique, surgical skills and osmotic pump placement.

IACUC Rodent Isoflurane Machine (Online) Introduction to the operating and use of an isoflurane machine including safety and maintenance.

See informational flyer here: Rodent Surgery/Anesthesia Training